About the Designer

A digital drawing of a cartoon individual with wavy purple hair and a round face. They have small rabbit ears atop their head and are wearing a dusty rose colored sweater while making two peace signs with their hands. The background consists of a purple-blue-pink gradient and overlaying stars.
Hi there, and thanks for taking a look at my portfolio! I'm Murphy, a Agender/NB Korean-American trying to find their niche in the UX/I design community! It's been a long road coming here, but I'm an enthusiastic, quick-learning interactive designer who's passionate about accessible and interesting design! I like to think my eclectic work history and education all brought me to my eventual path. And with every new challenge comes renewed excitement and motivation!

My biggest personal goal is to create a studio space for people like me who didn't have the encouragement or access to resources that would help them become the creatives they wished to be. But I couldn't do that without finding a focus. Completing the UX/I Bootcamp program through Thinkful gave me a sense of security in knowing I could attain that goal, and allowed me to push myself creatively with direction I didn't have before.

While I might still be trying to work towards a career in gaming, I am excited and grateful for the opportunities that will lead me to my eventual dream!
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